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Charity unfairly dismissed dyslexic worker over spelling errors

A dyslexic charity worker was unfairly dismissed after making spelling errors that led to him being denied a new role. James Bulloss had worked as an adviser for the homeless charity Shelter. His role included working night shifts and weekends to work on the phone help lines. After three years he requested to join the webchat team and was given a four-week trial. His team leader, Ms Jackson, spotted several …Read More

Woman victimised over anxiety and depression awarded £8,000

A woman who felt victimised after being accused by her boss of faking anxiety and depression to get a big pay-out has been awarded £8,000 compensation. The case involved Melanie James who started working for Capital Care Service in 2016 as a credit controller. She signed off work sick in March 2017 and was diagnosed with symptoms of anxiety and depression. As part of her treatment, she began to see …Read More