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Family Law

Husband wins appeal against divorce payments to former wife

A husband has won his appeal against financial remedy orders involving payments to his former wife after the court proceedings were held to be unfair. The case involved a husband and wife who had been financially supported by the husband’s extended family. After their divorce they became estranged from the family. The husband moved to Pakistan and did not attend the financial remedy hearings in the divorce proceedings. His attendance …Read More

Husband committed to prison for failing to pay child maintenance

A judge was justified in committing a husband to prison for six weeks for breaching the child maintenance requirements set out in a divorce settlement. That was the decision of the Court of Appeal in the case of a couple who had divorced in 2013. The consent order provided for the couple’s properties in Monaco and Moscow to be transferred to the wife, with another property in Paris being held …Read More

Mother wins the right to keep her son in the UK

A mother has won the right to keep her son in the UK after the father took legal action to take him to Australia. The case involved a couple who met and formed a long distance relationship in 2011. They had a son together but separated soon afterwards. She continued to live in England with her son and the father stayed in Australia. During this time they reconciled and separated …Read More

Father allowed only indirect contact with his children

A father who lashed out at his children in a restaurant has been told he can only have indirect contact with them for at least the next two years. The case involved a couple who had three children together during their marriage. Following the breakdown of the relationship, the father wanted to remove the children to Saudi Arabia but the court denied permission. He moved out of the family home …Read More

Wife awarded divorce settlement that reflects lavish lifestyle

A wife has been granted a divorce settlement that is fair to her husband but reflects her lavish lifestyle during the marriage. The case involved a couple who had been married for 12 years. The husband was from Saudi Arabia and the wife was an American. Their matrimonial home had been in England, and the wife and daughter continued to live there. The husband, who was terminally ill, had been …Read More