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Online Fraud

There is a growing threat to our business from online fraudsters. Law firms move significant amounts of client money each year and this therefore makes us a target. We take protecting your money seriously and have implemented a number of risk management strategies in order to manage this threat. These include:

1. Our bank account-holding clients will be asked not to write down or tell others their passwords or PINs.

2. We will not communicate with you by e-mail when providing or exchanging sensitive personal or financial information, documents and bank account details. We will correspond via letter and faxes

3. At the outset of a conveyancing transaction, we will ask you to provide copies of bank statements for the destination    accounts into which completion monies will be paid.

4. Bank account details will be confirmed in person or on the telephone.

5. If you ask us to change bank account details – we will treat this with caution.

We recognise that in some cases this may prove inconvenient for you, but the threat is very real with numerous cases each year of online fraud. We assure you we are following best practice with the above approach.


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