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Our Values

Our traditional personal approach, and quality service delivered by experienced staff, is the key to success.

Our senior management have been with Bates for over 30 years, and empower the team to really live and enforce the values that are important. We recognise that our values and working culture dictates how successful we can be, in order to promote the success and well-being of our clients.

Our 5 values that make us successful.

  1. Quality of Service
    • Continue to learn and develop our knowledge and legal expertise.
    • Listen, reassure, and understand clients’ requirements promptly.
    • Maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.
    • Value the expertise, individuality and contribution of all staff working in support of each other and sharing good practice.
  2. Solutions Focus
    • Offer diverse skills and capabilities to suit both commercial city and private clients requirements
    • Provide all clients with balanced, practical and independent advice.
    • Take a positive and commercially can-do approach to opportunities and challenges.
  3. Clarity of communication
    • Base all relationships and matters on honesty, respect, fairness and a commitment to open discussion.
    • Remain approachable, personal and professional at all times.
    • Give clear, concise prompt information when it is needed in simple language.
  4. Value for money
    • Ensure to be competitive in our fees whilst providing advice of the highest quality.
  5. Community spirit
    • Actively participate in the local community and be ambassadors for the causes we support.
    • Take responsibility for our actions, individually and as a team, and make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of our clients, the communities and environment we work in.
    • Embrace and respect individuality, equality and diversity and seek to create a positive, safe and open working environment for all our employees.