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Starting out in a relationship

building blocks of a relationship“New Beginnings  –  creating your future with you”

If you are making life decisions, such as starting out in a relationship, getting married or buying a property together – our experienced family team can assist you in building solid foundations for your future with your partner.

Speak with our team to understand how you can take steps to protect your financial position and that of your children by way of:

• Living together agreements
• Pre-nuptial agreements
• Post-nuptial agreements

Having this framework and financial clarity will help you and your partner to address potential issues now rather than at a later date, so giving you peace of mind to progress your future together.

Contact a member of our team to arrange an initial fixed fee meeting to explore your matter further and the options available to you.

Meet the team

Michele Noy Family Law Solicitor Camilla Lovell-Hoare Family Law Solicitor

Michele Noy

Family Law Solicitor


Camilla Lovell-Hoare

Family Law Solicitor