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Children and Separation

Mother wins the right to keep her son in the UK

A mother has won the right to keep her son in the UK after the father took legal action to take him to Australia. The case involved a couple who met and formed a long distance relationship in 2011. They had a son together but separated soon afterwards. She continued to live in England with her son and the father stayed in Australia. During this time they reconciled and separated …Read More

Court orders that abducted girl should be returned to her mother

A court has ordered that a nine-year-old girl who was abducted by her father should be returned to her mother. The case involved an English father and a Polish mother who had separated after a long relationship. Following a dispute over their daughter’s residence, the English court declared that the child had become habitually resident in Poland and that she should remain there in her mother’s custody. An order was …Read More

Court warns against secretly recording children in family cases

A judge has outlined why it would nearly always be wrong to secretly record children’s conversations as a way of gathering evidence in family proceedings. The issue arose in a case involving a dispute between a father and mother over the residence of their daughter. The father and his new partner wanted to know what the child was saying at meetings with her social worker, a family support worker and …Read More