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Equality and Diversity 2019

INTRODUCTION Bates Ltd, as a provider of legal services and an employer of staff, is committed to protecting the rights of individuals and to advancing equality of opportunity for all its employees. It currently employs 63 staff at its offices in London. Weybridge, Leigh on Sea, Fleet, Odiham, Hook, Hartley Witney and Basingstoke. In June 2019 it surveyed its staff to assist in the collection of equality and diversity data on …Read More

39% rise in employment tribunal claims since fees ruled unlawful

There has been a 39% rise in claims before the Employment Tribunal since the Supreme Court ruled last year that the fees charged to bring claims were unlawful. The fees were introduced in 2013, with employees having to pay up to £1,200 to bring a claim. Following a challenge by the union Unison, the Supreme Court ruled that the fees were discriminatory, unlawful and unconstitutional. Figures released by the Advisory, …Read More

New Town Development Corporations to deliver more homes

The government is planning to set up several New Town Development Corporations to build thousands of homes across the country over the next five years. The corporations will be accountable to local councils and be responsible for new towns and garden communities in their area. They will oversee the planning and project development, bringing on board private investment and partnering with developers. They will also be expected to involve communities …Read More

Email Cybercrime Alert and Email Disclaimer

Bates  |  Crellins Carter  |  Wallis Prance Cybercrime Alert Cybercrime Alert   :    Bank Details  Please be aware that there is a significant risk posed by cyber fraud, specifically affecting email accounts and bank account details.  PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS WILL NOT CHANGE DURING THE COURSE OF A TRANSACTION AND WE WILL NOT CHANGE OUR BANK DETAILS VIA EMAIL.  Please be careful to check account details with us …Read More