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Telephone Issues

We have recently experienced issues with this firms new telephone system.

Our telephony provider is working to resolve any residual issues.

Pending resolution of any outstanding residual issues, if you experience difficulty in contacting any of our offices by telephone, please dial our Fleet office 01252 629292 or London office 0207 936 2930.   One of our staff will be pleased to assist or take a message for the person you wish to speak to.

Our email addresses are unaffected by this issue and you may wish to contact Our Offices via email.  Visit Our People page for our fee earners email addresses.

You may also report any telephony issues by sending an email to Mrs Nightingale  bnightingale@batessolicitors.co.uk.

We anticipate all issues will be resolved very shortly.   In the meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience this causes.

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