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Workers over 67 win age discrimination claim

A group of 21 workers have won an age discrimination claim against their former employer after they were sacked for being too old.

The group were drivers for Purple Parking, a company that provides bus shuttle services and car chauffeuring to UK airports.

They were told they could no longer work for the company because there had been a change in their insurance policy which now excluded employees over the age of 67.

The drivers’ legal team obtained an order for the insurance company to release important documents related to the case.

The Watford Employment Tribunal heard that Purple Parking had actually instigated the change by asking the insurance company to exclude older workers. However, they requested that the change wouldn’t affect directors or their wives.

After the details emerged, Purple Parking stopped contesting the workers’ claims and admitted liability for age discrimination. They were ordered to pay each of the drivers sums of up to £78,000. In total, the compensation paid was over £150,000.

If you have been a victim of age discrimination at work please contact us as you may be entitled to compensation.