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Woman injured at hairdresser’s awarded £17,500 compensation

Woman injured at hairdresser’s awarded £17,500 compensation

A woman who sustained a chemical burn to her scalp at a hairdressing hair replacement salon has been awarded £17,500 compensation.

The woman had attended the salon to have her hair dyed blond. A bleaching product was applied to her hair and her head was placed under a dryer for about 30 minutes.

Her head began to feel very hot and she could smell burning but was reassured by the hairdresser that nothing was wrong.

Over the following few days, her head felt hot and painful. The hairdresser advised her to apply cream and conditioner for three weeks.

This had little effect and after a few weeks her hair started to fall out and a large red area appeared on her scalp.

Doctors later told her that she had suffered a full thickness chemical burn to her head. She had to undergo a skin graft but her hair did not grow back and she was left with a large bald patch.

She took legal action against the salon, which denied liability but agreed to an out-of-court settlement of £17,500 to compensate for the woman’s pain and suffering.

Anyone who is injured as a result of someone else’s negligence is entitled to claim compensation.

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