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Wife fails to improve divorce settlement despite husband’s perjury

Wife fails to improve divorce settlement despite husband’s perjury

A woman has failed to get an improved divorce settlement even though her husband had misled the court about the extent of his wealth.

The case involved a couple who separated after 17 years of marriage. The assets were divided with the wife getting around 65% in cash and properties, giving her a total of £10m.

The husband was the co-owner of an IT company, and it was agreed that the wife would receive 30% of the profits if and when he sold his shares.

The wife then learnt that the husband planned to sell his shares on the stock market, which he failed to reveal in court.

She claimed she was entitled to a larger settlement because the husband had not admitted his business plans in order hide the total value of his assets.

The Court of Appeal rejected the wife’s claim, even though it accepted that the husband had been misleading about his wealth and had committed perjury.

The court held that even if the judge had known of the husband’s plans, the settlement would have been the same.

Lord Justice Moore-Bick said the husband’s conduct was “deplorable, deliberate and dishonest”, but had not affected the overall settlement.

Lady Justice Macur added: “The husband may be subject to criminal prosecution, civil contempt proceedings and/or a costs penalty.”

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