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Family Law

New scheme to promote arbitration in family disputes

A new scheme has been launched to encourage the use of arbitration in family disputes involving the welfare of children. The Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme was set up four years ago to help families resolve financial issues. Now the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators, which runs the scheme, wants to extend it to cover disputes concerning the exercise of parental responsibility. The kind of issues covered include where children …Read More

Court orders that abducted girl should be returned to her mother

A court has ordered that a nine-year-old girl who was abducted by her father should be returned to her mother. The case involved an English father and a Polish mother who had separated after a long relationship. Following a dispute over their daughter’s residence, the English court declared that the child had become habitually resident in Poland and that she should remain there in her mother’s custody. An order was …Read More

Court warns against secretly recording children in family cases

A judge has outlined why it would nearly always be wrong to secretly record children’s conversations as a way of gathering evidence in family proceedings. The issue arose in a case involving a dispute between a father and mother over the residence of their daughter. The father and his new partner wanted to know what the child was saying at meetings with her social worker, a family support worker and …Read More

Minister says 2,000 divorce settlements may be voided

The government has confirmed that more than 2,000 divorce cases may have been voided due to an error on the self-assessment form on the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) website. The error involves Form E, which records the financial details of divorcing couples. The software running the form didn’t take all liabilities into account and so may have produced misleading results in some circumstances. Justice Minister Shailesh Vara told parliament that …Read More