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Nearly 3,000 homes sold under Right to Buy scheme

Nearly 3,000 homes were sold under the Right to Buy scheme in England between July and September this year, according to recent figures. Right to Buy allows people in social accommodation to buy their home at a discounted rate. It is designed to make it easier for people to make the transition from renting to owning a home. The figures show that between July and September this year, an estimated …Read More

One million co-habiting partners could miss out on inheritance

More than one million people are running the risk of leaving their partners with nothing when they die, because they haven’t made a Will stating what should happen to their estate. As the law stands, if somebody dies intestate – without a Will – then their assets will be inherited by their spouse or civil partner, even if the relationship has been over for a long time. This could mean …Read More

Expectant fathers entitled to time off for ante-natal appointments

Expectant fathers now have the right to take unpaid time off work to attend two ante-natal classes with their partners. The entitlement, which came into effect on 1 October, applies to all expectant partners including husbands, spouses, civil partners and anyone in a long-term relationship with the mother. Expectant fathers who are not in a relationship with the mother are still entitled to the unpaid time off work.

New measures to help people build their own home

The government is to introduce new measures that will make it easier for people to build their own home. Under the Right to Build scheme, people who want to build their own home will be able to get help from their local council to find a suitable plot of land. The scheme will be trialled in 11 areas across England. Local councils will develop a register of prospective custom builders …Read More

Man awarded £3,000 after being injured by pub chair

A 63-year-old man has been awarded £3,000 compensation after he injured his finger with a pub chair. The man had been having a coffee in a pub when he gripped the bottom of the chair to pull it closer to the table. He injured his fingers when they got caught between the frame of the chair and the seat. He suffered a fracture to his little finger, and lost his …Read More

New laws for people who die with no Will

Inheritance laws simplified for when people die without a Will The government has simplified inheritance laws in order to modernise the process of dividing the assets of a person who dies without making Will. It follows a review of intestacy law and a consultation carried out by the Law Commission.

A woman’s dismissal discussed with employee’s son?

A woman has won her case of constructive dismissal after her employers approached her son about her faltering performance rather than speak to her directly. The woman worked for an accountancy firm. She was a competent member of staff and received a positive performance review. However, months later she didn’t receive a pay rise as she had expected. Her superiors had become concerned with her behaviour and performance, feeling they …Read More

Pensioner suffered burn to her back in beauty salon

A pensioner who was receiving treatment in a beauty salon when a steamer fell on her back has been awarded £5,000 compensation. The woman was 71 years old at the time of the incident. She had visited the salon for a back cleanse treatment, which involved using the steamer. Having received a massage she was left in the room while the steamer was on. After about five minutes she became …Read More

Judge was wrong to let mother take daughter abroad

A judge was wrong to grant permission for a mother to take her daughter abroad, the Court of Appeal has ruled. The case involved an estranged couple who had dual British and Iranian citizenship. They had a three-year-old daughter who lived with the mother. The father had unsupervised access. The mother wanted to visit Iran for a holiday. She was granted a specific issue order by a County Court judge …Read More

Social tenants reminded of their Right to Buy

The government has sent information to social housing tenants reminding them of the Right to Buy scheme. The leaflets offer advice to tenants on how to exercise their Right to Buy and become first-time homeowners. The scheme allows social tenants in London a maximum discount of up to £102,700. The maximum discount in other parts of England is £77,000. More than 22,500 people have taken advantage of the scheme since …Read More