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Time to Talk about Suicide

Richard Kelly Putting Depression in the Past

Richard Kelly
Putting Depression in the Past

If we take time out of the equation and simply state that, since Matthew Elvidge took his own life, over 30,000 people have taken their own life perhaps the reality of this ‘silent epidemic’ may shock our society into realising that we really do need to start talking about this difficult subject and now!





Following the loss of his son, Matthew, Hamish Elvidge is talking to the decision makers and  professionals about how young people need to be supported better when they experience mental health problems.

Hamish is also talking to educators at schools, colleges and universities about the urgent need for health (including emotion and mental health) to be at the centre of the ethos and culture of the education system…supporting attainment.

Last November Richard Kelly heard Hamish speak at his work place and the magic of ‘talk’ started to work.     40 year old Richard had spent the majority of his life living with undiagnosed depression.   Despite numerous episodes of, what Winston Churchill so famously described as his ‘Black Dog’, none of the health care professionals he visited recognised the symptoms of depression Richard so clearly presented.

Richard training for 13.1 Miles for Matt

Richard training for 13.1 Miles for Matt

Then, at a GP appointment for his unwell daughter, Richard was taken aback when the GP talked to him about his own medical needs. As a consequence of this discussion, he started the first fully, professionally supported programme to enable Richard to support the mental ill health, which had prevented him from fully enjoying his life, his wife and family.

Inspired by the talk given by Hamish, Richard set his intention to run the Fleet Half Marathon in March 2015 and to raise £500 for the Matthew Elvidge Trust.   As at 14 April 2015 Richard had raised over £2,000.00.   Arguably more importantly, he had faced his depression, worked with professionals to learn ways to manage it and bravely – though he may say not – Richard has discussed with the world his experience of depression by way of his blog Running with a Black Dog.

Bates Solicitors sponsored and supported The Matthew Elvidge Trust at the Fleet Half Marathon 2015.   Many people find the subject difficult to discuss and preferring not to use the word suicide, MD Ian MacDonald said “We see too many young lives blighted by depression with its worst consequences. We welcome the opportunity to support The Matthew Elvidge Trust, to bring hope to our children, when so very often there can be despair. ”

Join Bates Solicitors in supporting The Matthew Elvidge Trust and visit thematthewelvidgetrust.com.

April 2015

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