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More than 220,000 home buyers have used Help to Buy

The latest government figures show that more than 220,000 people have now used the various Help to Buy schemes to purchase a new home. More than 180,000 of them are first time buyers. The average house price across the schemes is £191,000, showing that it is those buying smaller properties who are benefiting most. There are various Help to Buy schemes including Shared Ownership, Equity Loan, and London Help to …Read More

Court rejects woman’s bid to administer her late mother’s estate

A woman has failed to have herself appointed as the administrator of her late mother’s estate because the High Court considered that she was untrustworthy. A man claiming to be the deceased’s husband was also rejected as an administrator with the court preferring to appoint someone independent from outside the family. The case involved a woman who died intestate, that is, without having made a will. Her daughter and a …Read More

Teacher awarded £180,000 in disability discrimination case

A teacher suffering from cystic fibrosis who was dismissed for showing a horror film to pupils has been awarded £180,000 compensation in a disability discrimination case. Philip Grosset worked as head of English at the Joseph Rowntree School in York. He was sacked for gross misconduct after showing the 18-rated film Halloween to a group of 15-year-olds. Mr Grosset accepted that he had made a poor choice but said it …Read More