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It is advisable for everyone over the age of 18 to have a valid Will. A properly drafted Will allows you to decide how your estate is to be divided up, who will sort everything out after your death and who will look after your children if they are infants. Without a Will, you will be leaving all these things to be decided by rigid and inflexible rules, and the result may not be what you would have wished.

Having a poorly-drafted Will can be worse than having none at all, so we recommend that you have yours drafted by a solicitor specialising in this area of work.

Rather than offering a ‘one size fits all’ service we aim to tailor. We draft to the specific circumstances of the client. We will sit down with you and take full details of your financial and family circumstances and what you wish to achieve. We will also, where relevant, offer advice about the likely inheritance tax liability of your estate and how this might be mitigated.

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